Flexible for your growing business! The Massima Collection provides modular solutions with the versatility and style. The ideal solution for customer service areas, sales offices, general office applications, school environments and home office needs. This collection is easily modified as your office requirements change.

71” Desk

SKU: M173
  • One of the most essential pieces of office furniture is the desk; therefore, you must invest only in the best. This 71'' desk is among the most refined products in the Massima Collection! This 71'' desk has the ideal dimensions and perfect aesthetics. With its grace and elegance, it has the ability to brighten the outlook of any office space. It is lightweight, which is an added advantage for the product, as it makes this desk easier to use and move. This elegant desk is crafted from high quality material, making it an excellent product that will serve you for years to come.
    • Premium quality material
    • Lightweight
    • Perfect dimensions
    • Ideal aesthetics

    Warranty: 5 years